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Tree Slide (Your dance floor cure) - Darren Day

"It's the tree slide baby it's your dance floor cure." 

Darren Day Live @ The Rubber Boot Club

Sneak peak at a couple new songs for 2020 


Check out my music video for "High,"  Show casing my home town of Victoria, BC.  Probably my favorite off the album, blends dance music with a hint of rap in the second verse. Too much fun during the shoot, summer vibes.  


Check out my music video for "Coachella." Guaranteed to be stuck in your head, filmed on the road trip to Coachella Valley Music Fest.  Enjoy!

Get away

  Check out my music video for "Get Away," one of the more personal songs on "DAYDREAMS." It explains my journey leaving home for the first time to pursue my passion. Filmed throughout Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona.

Boat Load

Check out my new lyric video for "Boat Load" below.  One of the pure hip-hop songs off my album, made for turning up.  It was one of my favorite tracks to record and it's even more fun to perform.  "I just made an uh,uh, I just made a BOAT LOAD!"

Boat load live

The venues busiest night of the year! don't miss my next show, Friday November 15th

About Us

Our Story


I started playing around with an acoustic guitar and writing lyrics about my life and friends around me. My love of dance music, hip hop, story telling, new country sounds, and sport, all lead me to this journey I am on today.  

What Inspires Me


Tight family bonds, a chill demeanor, love of music, and sport all inspire different things that lead me to work seamlessly in a creative setting. I'm inspired by hip hop and pop music. my favorite artists include Drake, Justin Bieber, J Cole, and Calvin Harris. I am deeply invested in each song and its meaning. 

My Influences


My music blends dance music, pop, hip-hop, and rap to create a unique sound. My lyrics are personal and inspired by my life so far. I’ve  written about traveling, competing and chasing my dream (golf)

heartbreak, having fun, relationships, parties. and all things 20 somethings deal with in their life.